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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)? 

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) began with the passage of the “Maintenance of Viable Neighborhoods Act” in 1975. This legislation established a program of grants to encourage and promote the social and economic strengthening and development of neighborhoods. It was envisioned that this would be achieved through the cooperative, concentrated efforts of residents, local lending institutions, businesses, municipal governments, and the State of New Jersey. The Neighborhood Preservation Program takes a comprehensive approach to neighborhood development, which affords municipalities flexible and creative options.


The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) directly serves targeted neighborhoods throughout the state and provides money to revitalize areas in decline. An overall comprehensive cooperative approach that includes all sectors of the community and promotes unified effort has proven to be a successful strategy.

What is the South Main St. Alliance?

The South Main St. Alliance is a community, and cross-sector-led effort focused primarily on Business Development, Promotions, Events, and Design of South Main St. Phillipsburg. The South Main St. Alliance serves to breathe life back into what will soon return to a vibrant, fun place to live, work, shop, and invest.

Why do we need the South Main St. Alliance? Why Now?

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, is positioned for a strategic growth opportunity. Residents, business owners, and city leaders have expressed a commitment and investment in developing a more vibrant community. The South Main St. Alliance is intended to act as a convener of existing and future efforts. Timing and resources are aligned and available to support these efforts.

Who is Norwescap?

Norwescap provides vital services to over 30,000 individuals and families in need in Northwest New Jersey. Their programs include strategies that address the critical areas of education, health and wellness, employment, housing, volunteerism, and financial capacity building. Since their inception, they have been dedicated to achieving the mission of creating opportunities to transform lives through innovative programs and partnerships. For more information, please visit 

Who’s paying for this? 

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJ DCA) has approved a plan jointly developed by the Town of Phillipsburg and Norwescap to improve the South Main Street District. The plan included input from hundreds of local residents, business leaders, elected officials, and community-based organizations.

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