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VISIT just about any establishment in Phillipsburg, from Memorial Parkway and make your way down any street and you will find those hidden gems that are owned and operated by women.

Phillipsburg is experiencing a transition and going through a revitalization to encourage economic growth and we can do this by supporting the local businesses and encouraging more businesses to take a chance, just like these fearless women did, and INVEST in the future of Phillipsburg.  Throughout the month of December, the South Main Street Alliance will be honoring the women-owned businesses through TAPinto Phillipsburg where you can find more information on businesses, events, opportunities and resources.  

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The South Main Street Alliance is thrilled to share with you the exciting activities of South Main Street in Phillipsburg, NJ. We brought about sustainable positive change by collaborating with community organizations, residents, local businesses, and all levels of government.

We started by thoroughly assessing the area and identifying areas needing improvement. We worked closely with the Norwescap and the NRTC and NPP teams to create a comprehensive plan for revitalizing the area, which includes everything from repairing cameras and improving lighting to attracting new businesses and adding events to the area.

To celebrate the revitalization of South Main Street, we promote EVENTS and festivals to bring the community together and showcase the changes that had been made. These events were a huge success and helped to foster a sense of pride and ownership in the community.

South Main Street continues to thrive as a vibrant part of Phillipsburg, NJ. It's a testament to what can be achieved when the community comes together to make positive change happen. Our volunteers are proud to play a part in this transformation and look forward to continuing to work with the community to build a brighter future for Phillipsburg.


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